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Paycircle: three months on

7th July 2023

Earlier this year, Rowleys made the decision to switch payroll software providers. We decided that investing in new, enhanced software would allow us to provide a better level of service and reporting for our clients. Here, Payroll Manager, Rebecca Gotch, reflects on Paycircle, our new payroll software, and how the transition has gone.

Why Paycircle?

When selecting a payroll platform to use with our clients, client experience is one of our main priorities. We used our collective knowledge of payroll software to select the best platform to provide the necessary features and benefits that our clients need.

When reviewing the various options available, we felt that Paycircle provided a good level of features that would keep things running smoothly for our clients and also allow us to offer additional features, such as enhanced reporting.

Find out more about why we chose Paycircle in our ‘Why Paycircle’ article.

Transitioning to Paycircle

We have now transitioned all our payroll clients over to Paycircle and the transition has gone well. We have spoken to our clients during the process to make the transition as smooth as possible and to also get their feedback on the new software.

The feedback so far

We’ve had a good amount of feedback from our clients. Positive feedback has included comments on:

Whilst the less favourable feedback consisted of comments on:

Here is a selection of the comments we’ve had from our clients.

“The new system has been great. Its great being able to see all the reports we can download and being able to customise the reports based on what we need. It is also quite good to see in real-time the changes that are occurring on the payroll. It took a bit of time to navigate the new online employer portal however now that we have, it’s really good as we are able to see more information than the previous software portal.”

“It’s easy to use.”

“A bit confusing to start with.”

“Too much information for my requirements.”

“I like it.”

Overall, we’re really pleased with how the transition to Paycircle has gone. We selected the software as it has the sophistication to deal with the most complex of scenarios but also operates very well with simple payrolls. A number of our clients have small payrolls and these clients are extremely important to us. The feedback has generally been positive and where clients have struggled with the change, we’ve provided the necessary support to help them tackle any difficulties.


To find out more about Paycircle or our payroll services, please contact Rebecca Gotch, either by email:  or call: 0116 282 7000.


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