Experienced auditors who deliver much more than just an audit.

If you think an audit is just a box-ticking compliance exercise or another unwanted expense, we’d urge you to think again! An audit can deliver enormous commercial value when you work with the right auditors.

But who is the right auditor?
We’d argue it’s the one who’s ready, willing and able to invest in helping you achieve the growth you want whilst ensuring you always take the most dynamic and productive approach to your audit.

You need an auditor who’s ready to invest their time to get to know you, your business and your plans so they can provide the full range of advice you’ll need to successfully realise your objectives.

At the same time, your auditor needs to be willing to invest all their relevant sector expertise and business experience. Not only will this extra insight add the wider perspective you’ll need to take your business to the next level, it will also force your auditor to stay agile and keeping changing with the times.

But of course, even the best advice won’t add value if you can’t use it! That’s why the right auditor is also the one who’s able to make things simple, straightforward and transparent. You not only need to understand the opportunities, risks and challenges you face; you need to know how and when to tackle them.

That’s where we come in because these are all the things we do.

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We have been very pleased with the service and professionalism shown by the whole team engaged on the audit of LOROS.
They have shown excellent technical and practical knowledge throughout and been able to offer helpful advice on some of the wider operations of the charity.

The pandemic has made things difficult for us all, but we have worked together to make it work very well.

Wayne Matts , Director of Finance

We’re continually reviewing how we audit. We’ve adopted new cloud-based audit solutions, we’re recruiting more audit experience into our team and we’re finding more effective ways to keep you up to date with the changes and improvements relevant to you.

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