Small Business Start Ups

Our accountants specialise in helping small businesses at every stage from start-up to exit

When you own and operate a small business, that business is your life. It occupies all of your working days and pretty much all your waking hours as you strive to do everything you can to make sure it is a qualified success.

However, that level of dedication means time is tight and it’s often hard to stay on top of your finances, tax returns, payroll and paperwork.

That’s where we can help.

Our experienced team know exactly what it takes to grow a small business because that’s what they do. We can of course absorb the responsibility for preparing your annual accounts, filing your tax returns, submitting the necessary paperwork to HMRC or Companies House and managing your payroll but we can also do much, much more.

We will start by providing you with a dedicated point of contact, someone who will really get to know your business and find out exactly what you want to achieve. We can discuss structure and shareholdings with you. Once they’ve developed that level of understanding they’ll be spot where they could be adding even more value by:

But most of all we are here to give you a sounding board when you need a new direction or some new ideas.

Having worked with businesses just like yours for decades, we have a wealth of experience you can tap into whenever you need to. There is very little we haven’t seen over the years, so we will not only be able to share what we know works; we will also be able to foresee the potential pitfalls and help you avoid them.

We are also flexible on our fee structures to ensure it is fit for purpose with a start-up business. Often agreeing a monthly direct debit and sometimes a fee profile that changes as your business grows.

If you own a small business and want more from your accountant or are just about to launch a new start-up, call us on 0116 282 7000 or email us at to find our all the things we can do to help you grow your business.

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