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Why Paycircle is our payroll software of choice

23rd January 2023

Why Paycircle is our payroll software of choice

At Rowleys we’re proud to have a specialist payroll team who work closely with our clients to provide a personable payroll service. Our CIPP-qualified experts work with hundreds of clients of different sizes, using only the best payroll technology to help keep things running smoothly. Rebecca Gotch, Payroll Manager, explains more about why Paycircle is our payroll software of choice and the benefits to our clients.


What is Paycircle?

Paycircle is cloud-based, collaborative payroll platform that is secure, modern and easy to use.


As well as helping businesses meet their HMRC payroll reporting requirements, the platform also allows payroll data to be easily and securely shared, streamlines payroll process and reduces errors and unnecessary admin.


Why Paycircle?

When selecting a payroll platform to use with our clients, client experience is one of our main priorities. We used our collective knowledge of payroll software to select the best platform to provide the necessary features and benefits that our clients need.


Here are some of the reasons why Paycircle is our payroll software of choice:


  1. Cloud-based – meaning your data is safe, secure and backed by the world’s premier cloud provider (Microsoft). It also means it is readily accessible.


  1. Organisation – Provides a modern approach to sharing data and managing processes, tasks and deadlines – Paycircle links you and your employees to our payroll team. With everyone having access to the information needed.


  1. Reporting – the Enhanced reporting features means you can easily log into your own portal to access a variety of payroll reports that provide information on every aspect of your payroll. These reports can easily be downloaded and used to enhance your internal reporting.


  1. Support – Provides useful email reminders, including:


  1. Integration – links with several pension providers, streamlining auto-enrolment and reducing unnecessary admin


  1. Easy to use – the Paycircle platform has simple functionality. There are useful guides that provide short, easy to follow instructions on each part of the platforms. As always, our team are also on hand to help if you have any queries.


  1. Employee access – each employee is given access to their own personalised portal where they can:

This helps reduce unnecessary admin.


Our payroll team pride themselves on providing our clients with a great service and tools like Paycircle help us to provide enhanced features that make running a business that bit easier.


To find out more about Paycircle or our payroll services, please contact Rebecca Gotch, either by email:  or call: 0116 282 7000.










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